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Going From Renter To Homeowner

Check Out How Holli Was Able to Help a Renter Become a Homeowner

Holli: Hi guys, Holli here from the Cannon Builders Dream Team. Super, super excited. I just got done writing a sale contract with Mr. and Mrs. Franz. I just had to share with you their experience. They were actually renting in St. Louis, they are renting an 890 sq ft apartment for $940 a month. I was able to get them into a 100% financing, zero money down loan product. They’re in contract now on a three-bedroom home that is 1464 square feet. They almost doubled their square feet and their payment literally went up to $150. So it’s amazing to me and I know I preach about this all the time to you guys, how you can own for less than you pay in rent. I know they’ve gone up a little bit in monthly payments but that’s because they wanted to almost double their living space. So just wanted to show you our Warrenton’s Field of Dreams most recent homeowners! Do you guys have anything you’d like to say?

Mr. Franz: I think buying a home to be a perfect investment for anybody because it’s something that you finally own and you can take pride in versus pulling up to an apartment building where 20 other people live. You hear your neighbors walking around all day and you feel the need to be quiet and your floors creak and pop and your neighbors get upset about that.

Holli: Well not only did they just get married a few months ago, but they also made their first buying decision with Cannon Builders and I am extremely proud to have been their sales consultant today. So if you or anyone you know is looking for a new home and you would like to own for either less than you’re paying in rent or, in their case for $150 more to double the square footage nearly, you need to call us. Cannon Builders Dream Team will take great care of you. So I’d like everybody to say congratulations to our newest homeowners in Warrenton at our Field of Dreams location. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Franz and thank you!

Mr. Franz: Thank you, thank you.