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First Steps in Buying a New Construction Home

First Steps in Buying a New Construction Home

Happy Saturday Afternoon! It’s absolutely beautiful outside so I am hoping that you guys are out coming to see me today at Rockport. I have a few minutes, so I wanted to talk to you guys. I just finished up with an information session with a really, really sweet couple. They’re looking at either building with new construction or just buying their first home. I got to sit down with them earlier today and talk about the steps that it takes to build a new construction home with Cannon Builders, and it got me thinking that maybe I should share that life on Facebook because I know a lot of you may have questions of how the steps work when building new construction.

A lot of people say to me that, “Oh, I hear that building new construction is stressful and it’s hard”. It’s not. It’s just not. There’s no more stress in building new construction than buying a preexisting home. Purchasing a home is always going to be a bit stressful, but building a new home is no more stressful than purchasing a home.

The step that you need to take with building new construction or just buying a preexisting home, whether that’s a used home or a new inventory home, you’re going to want to get qualified with a lender, a reputable lender. We do have lenders that I can put you in contact with if you’re not sure where to start there, but we do have great lenders that we work with on a daily basis. Getting your pre-qualification is going to be number one.

Your second, is finding out your needs, your wants, your desires of your home. I’m going to help you with that, but you’re to come to me with your wish list of things that you want in your home. We’re going to break it down. Then from there I’m going to be able to find which floor plan is going to work best for you. We have over 15 floor plans, and that can get a little overwhelming, but it’s my job to narrow that 15 down to two or three. Then we go from there. Normally I get to two or then it’s easy to get you that you really really want to build.

After we’ve selected your home that you want to build it’s finding where you want to build it. We have four communities, two in Warren County and two in Lincoln County. We have a place for everyone out here. Beautiful home sites at all four communities. Next is finding which lot you want to build that beautiful home that we just talked about on.

Once we found out where you want to build your home, we’re going to do your contract. When I do a contract it’s as little as $100 down to write the contract. A hundred bucks to get you started on your dream home here. Then within 30 days, I’m going to need the additional earnest money, which is between $400 and $900. So for under $1,000 you can start new construction on your home.

The next step is fun, the exciting part, it’s getting to select the colors for your home. There’s no settling for ugly colors that somebody else has picked, or having to think about maybe later on you’ll be replacing cabinets or you’ll be painting the cabinets, or whatever it might be. When you do new construction, it’s yours. You get to pick out what you want. A lot of people go “Oh my gosh, that’s got to be stressful”. It’s not. It’s a lot of fun, and I promise you, I am not going to let you build an ugly house. It is, it’s a fun time, and you get to put your mark on the floor plan that you have selected.

Once we have done your color pick outs, the next process is to sit down with the builder. You get to sit down with myself, the builder, and the project manager, the person in charge of building your house. You get to meet them, sit down with the blue prints, and go through it. He’ll be able to answer any questions you might have on placement of things, or just any construction questions you might have, we’ll be able to answer for you.

After we have that pre-construction meeting is when the fun really starts and your home is going to get started being built. I’d say if there’s a hard part with new construction it’s waiting the four months it’s going to take to build your home, but at the end, you get what you want and you’re not settling for what somebody else has already selected and lived in.

Again, I just wanted to throw this out there, because a lot of people are confused with new construction and how it works, and thinks it’s way more stressful than what it really is. It’s not any more stressful than buying a preexisting home. In fact, I think it’s more fun, and again, you get to put your mark on it.

If you guys have the time, again, we take about four and a half months to build from ground up. We always have existing homes on the market. Our inventory homes, we try to keep at least one to two inventory homes in each community. If you don’t have the time to build,doesn’t mean we can’t get you in a new home, and you still have time to maybe make some selections on the colors. If it’s under roof, we might be able to still pick cabinets and flooring. There are still choices that you’ll be able to make at that point.

Anyway, I just wanted to share all this information with you guys, because a lot of people are just a little confused with how the process works and they think it’s very stressful, but it’s not. If you come out and see me or my sales partner, Holli, we’d be more than happy to help you build your dream home. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.