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Building a Cannon Builders Home On Your Land

The process is fairly simple. Here at Cannon Builders, we want the experience to be as simple as possible, no worries, little stress. Here is an outline to walk you through our process.


Our conversation will be along the lines of these questions: 1. Where is the land you would like us to build on? 2. Do you currently own the land? 3. Are you able to get a construction loan? 4. Do you a have a set of house plans or would you be using one of ours? 5. Would it be possible for us to view/walk the property?


After those questions have been answered and you are ready to move forward we would meet with you to view the property and discuss the floor plans you have chosen. At this point we could quote you an estimated base price.


You will then be meeting with one of our Sales Consultants to discuss and pick out your options, flooring, cabinetry, countertop and exterior choices among others items. Our Consultants are great at working within our clients budgets. After this meeting has been completed and processed Cannon Builders could give you a final sales price and present you with a Sales Contract.


Once you have accepted and signed off on the sales contract, you can sit back and watch the process of your dream home to be built.

It’s That Simple

That’s it…it’s that simple! At Cannon Builders we strive to make the custom building of your new home a pleasant experience. We work hard to make your ideas and dreams to come together. We listen to your needs and wants and deliver as promised.

Let’s get the conversation going! Call 636-462-8277 and ask to speak to the Residential Custom Building Department.

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