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Does Your Home Have A Warranty?

Why Purchase A Home Warranty

When building a new home, many families don’t think of a home warranty. It’s easy to think because it’s a brand new home built from the bottom up nothing will go wrong.

It is imperative that you shop for a builder that offers a warranty on their product. If they can’t back their product up, whether they’re doing home repairs, whether you’re buying a car or a house, anything. You should always, even if you’re buying a used home, you should ask for an extended warranty of some sort because you need to protect your investment.

It’s a very large investment. So it is something that definitely is important to make sure that it’s warrantied. 

Cannon Builders 2-10 Home Warranty

It does not cover 100% of everything but it’s pretty close!

After one year, it is going to be your two years on your mechanicals, your heating, cooling, plumbing, appliances. They have their own separate warranty but this two-year warranty covers labor and materials and then you have the 10-year warranty, which is on the structure. This is transferable if you sold your house in less than 10 years. 

Peace of mind for your buyer and for you.

ProHomes Warranty

A few years ago we added our ProHomes warranty. This is not something you normally see with family-owned builders like us.

ProHome®’s reputation as the company who founded the concept of third-party “Quality Assurance and Warranty Management Outsourcing” is well-known throughout the industry.

That warranty product is amazing. We are not in the office seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Typically when things break, it’s after business hours or on a weekend or a holiday or on the most inappropriate time for it to happen. The ProHome warranty corporation is an extra set of eyes to cover you.

We actually have a warranty facilitator that will meet with you on the day of closing. Cannon Builders have already looked through the home. The inspector has already looked through the home. The appraiser’s already looked through the home.

ProHomes is great about that. They’re going to walk through with you the day of closing, make a list of anything, if there are any small imperfections that don’t meet your criteria or if ProHomes feels that it doesn’t meet the HBA required.

When you get done with your closing and you get your keys, you come home and the house is complete.

So if you’re working with a builder or you’re considering buying, whether it’s new or used, a good rule of thumb is, the first question I would be asking as an educated buyer is, tell me a little bit more about your warranty and then tell me more about your warranty service.

Because it may offer a warranty, but do your research on how credible that warrantied product is. Because sometimes you’ll see that it’ll have a warranty, but it will cover everything, but what you’re expecting it to cover too, which is why the 2-10 warranty, most builders that are HBA certified will be using because it covers, gosh, everything.