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new home buyer regrets

Five New Home Buyer Regrets

Today, we’re going to learn about something that we stress a lot about; structural choices when designing your home. Let’s face it, the structural item can’t change later. We try to emphasize that when we are writing your contractor and when we’re making color selections, we need to focus on some of those selections. Often people think “oh, I’ve got to have granite countertops, I’ve got to have the best appliances, I’ve got to have the newest and the best.” It’s not always that important to do those things. It may be more important to put those items and put that money more towards structure because the structure can’t be recreated, and if it can, it will be very costly to do it.

Do the Modifications Under Construction

It’s more cost-effective to do it while you’re under construction than to make that modification later. You can always add granite, you can always change the color of your walls. There are different things that you can do; talk to your design consultant about how you should best spend your money. Everybody has a budget. If we know what it is, we will help you maximize that and get the structural items you need, and still make your home beautiful, absolutely. The one thing we put down on our list, the top things, is too bold. Don’t go so aggressive that it can’t be recreated, or you’ll have to put in some money later to change it up.

Be Bold in the Right Areas

We know that different color counter clocks right now are very trendy. We would suggest if you want that, put it in a powder room or smaller bathroom because you could maybe paint that later, rather than putting it all in your kitchen. It’s okay to be bold, but be bold in the right areas. Maybe pop it on your walls or do an accent wall or something like that, things that are not structural that you’re not tied to for the life of the time you’re in your home. It’s okay to be bold. Please understand that we’re not telling you not to get out of your comfort zone, because we don’t want to talk people out of their comfort zones.

Never Regret

Never a regret. Let me rephrase that. Nobody ever regrets going out of their comfort zone. What we like and what is trending today may not be trending tomorrow. We all remember the pickled cabinet, and that was not going to be done right. There are things that are going to come and go, so let’s make sure that your selections are timeless or easily changeable later and not splurging on what matters.

Many people will say “I’d rather splurge on a paint color than spend the extra money getting the LVT floors.” Luxury vinyl plank is going to last a lifetime. It is durable, it is waterproof, and it’s wonderful. So if you’re trying to get that hardwood look, but you don’t want the budget that’s tied with it, or if it’s too far out of your comfort zone, splurge on what matters. Think about how much it will cost you monthly, not how much it will in the end. Don’t focus on that bottom line number as much, and think that if you can afford it in your monthly budget, then go ahead and do it now, because it’s going to be a lot less to pay the difference between the standard to the upgrade, then it will be ripping it out later and replacing it.

Focus On the Resale

You’ve got to focus on resale, make sure that your kitchen is functional for today, tomorrow, and the years past that, because that will be forever. That sets the whole tone of the entire house, and we have to think about resale. We just broke the contract, we haven’t even broken ground, but we have to think about retail. This may be your forever home, most likely. You have to design your house so that somebody else would appreciate it.

We can help you with that. We have 40 years of experience combined. Something else to think about when you guys are planning for the future is that often people will say “I have an idea about what I’m going to do with that lower level, so I’m not going to rough in the basement.” Well, let’s think about the future. You can’t finish that bathroom without chiseling into the floor or structure if you don’t rough it in. Some people will get rid of extra closets to have additional finished space for more significant pieces of furniture. Make sure that you have storage, ample storage. You can finish in the future, splurge on that extra window in the walk-out of the lower level to count both areas as living space.


You can do little things that are budget conscious that will keep you readily available for future finish. One of my favorites, speaking of the lower level, is prepping in for a future sink. If you’re going to want a bar area, a wet bar area, you’re going to need a drain for that. A lot of people don’t think about it, but it is something that can be done later.

Shelley and I will readily admit that we are a low hold challenge, but let’s say you’re going to put in a security system or you’re going to put in surround sound later. Our design team and our builders are going to help you with that. If they know that you’re going to do it, they’re going to tell you what to do. If we know your overall goals, talk to your sales consultant, talk to your realtor, and speak to your builder. Let them know what your overall goals are for the home, not just today, but for the future, so we can help you plan and make it easier later because, let’s face it, everything’s going to cost money. The less money you spend getting things done, the closer to your goal and the next step you can take inequitable value.

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