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building a home on a budget

Building a Home on a Budget

It has been, let’s say, chaotic, but we’ve got a lot of happy homeowners that are getting ready to start their beautiful new homes. It’s been good chaos, and we’re delighted to get people started. There’s nothing better than doing a pre-construction meeting and showing everybody what they picked and then bringing it to life.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever done this many pre-construction meetings in a row in this short event. It is a lot, so every builder is backlogged right now, and it’s a significant problem, but everybody wants to get on that train and get on the build schedule, so we’ve just been trying to deliver. We’re looking like we are slap-happy right now.

Today it is not uncommon. Right now, everybody’s a little sketched out because the interest rates are fluctuating. We all knew what would happen, but let’s stop freaking out for a minute and realize that they are still at historic lows. Even if the rates jump to six percent, they are still at historic lows. It is still cost-effective to borrow money currently, but if you get creative with your money, we can show you how to successfully build and create that vision you’ve got on a budget. 

Build on a Budget

We have said this many times, we have very creative ways to try and help you build on a budget. To get you that look that you’re looking for, to get your interest board, and try to make your vision come to life, even if your budget is not the biggest. We’re going to help you. Everybody has a budget; we need to know what it is to get you the most bang for your buck.

Choose Wisely

If you’re going in, two of the higher-priced items that people tend to splurge on are countertops and flooring because those are decor items. Those are also items that can be added later. People often say, “well, I want granite, or I want quartz, but I’m really at the top of my budget.” That’s okay, and keep in mind that’s how he’s grabbing these. Keep in mind that these are things that can be changed later. 

So right now, your budget doesn’t allow for the wood luxury vinyl plank flooring; that’s okay, let’s put in something that looks very similar and still looks excellent, and a couple of years down the road, when you maybe have a little extra cash, you could put the flooring you want. You can do that same thing with countertops. It may be more to do it later, or it may be less to do it later. You never know. It depends on what the current market price is bearing at that time. 

We’ve got a sports countertop, one of our favorites, and then we’ve got the luxury. It’s called a high definition, and once they’re down, this luxury Formica has an edge on it that’s similar to that of an eased waterfall with a pencil edge. There are different cascading edges that you can select from where people physically touch because they’re unsure if it’s marble.

Be Creative

Unless you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ve created that look that you were going after on a budget. A lot of people will come in with a mood board and will create this look and say “this is what I want on the outside, I want elevation but I can’t afford an upgraded cost” or something like that.

When we look at your board, we can say “hey, you know what, let’s add some vinyl shape, let’s put some colored soffits and aluminum fascia in there” and voila it creates an entirely different look. Without going to this huge added expense of an upgraded elevation. We’re just doing minor elevation changes to give you that look that you’re trying to create, and that’s what’s so fun about it, is that people get excited like “oh my gosh, I didn’t think this was going to be in my budget!”


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out; we appreciate the questions that we get a lot, so if you’d like to see more of that, just let us know what you’re looking for. We will pop it in there, absolutely. It’s already April, the second quarter of the year, so we can’t wait to show you some neat things that we have coming online. We’re going to go live from our manners at magnolia, where we dug our first few foundations. Soon stone crossing is going to be started.

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