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new home construction over used


Today we will learn about ten reasons buyers choose new home construction over used homes. We’ve learned about this before, but this time it’s ever-changing; we could keep going on and on, but we all know you guys don’t want to read about this all day.

Home Warranty

The number one reason is warranty because when you are building your new home with Cannon Builders, the 210 warranty will be on your pro home warranty for that first full year, but when you’re buying an existing property, you’re not going to have that unless they have a warranty of some sort that’s transferable and that’s very unlikely, so if minimal years are remaining on that warranty, you absolutely want to protect that investment.


An essential thing to think about is design versus redesign. A lot of people choose new construction because they’re able to design it exactly the way they need. Maybe you’ve got some handicap compliant, or perhaps you want a specific sewing room with a door that leads up to the garage or just something like that. You’re not going to find that in a used home, you can put your wish list together, but we can promise you that it’s probably one of the first things that will get knocked off of your list because personalizing a home is something that you need to do at commencement of construction and it takes time and money.

That’s not when you’re wanting to remodel, it’s not something that you’re paying just a few dollars more a month for, twenty thousand or whatever it is for a kitchen out of pocket, so when you’re building you get to design it the exact way you want.

Equity Opportunity

One of our favorite things that we offer is the equity opportunity because we see it all day long with our homeowners. It’s crazy the equity they are getting in their homes before their homes are done, so why buy an existing home and give that buyer or that homeowner the equity when you could be building new and just gaining your equity? People are buying 20 to 30 over market value for a used home right now that is kept out at its equity for quite some time because the market will not be doing this forever. If you’re building in any community, there are always going to be incremental price increases in supply and demand, so the demand is there, they’re going to continue to raise the pricing.

We talked to an agent this weekend, and her buyers got 15 offers, and they got out-bided, but within hours there were over 15 asking for recommendations! This is insane. You never know because it’s a blind bag right now. It’s the equity for not the equity, but the warranty clock starts the day that you close, which is lovely. You don’t have to worry that your furnace will run out of warranty. Your appliances are going to run. With new construction, you’re able to either use hypoallergenic floor fitting furnishings, or you can be in a home that is brand new.

Energy Efficient

You may not have better insulation, energy-efficient windows, or a furnace in an older home. All of those things go into place, which helps with your utility bills. With those technological items, you’re able to wire it for the new nest thermostat and that sort of thing without making any modifications.


Safety is another very important thing because it’s built up to code. We’re using the proper electricity that meets the government’s standards, and it’s going to be safe. You’re not going to have leg paints, and you’re not going to have not been tube electric. You’re going to have all new fresh electricity. It is wired and code inspected as we are under construction. You and your house will be safe. 

Floor Plan Choice

Another crucial thing is the floor plan choice. Yes! You get to choose. We have so many floor plans to choose from and always tell people we can narrow it down. Typically, we will narrow it down from 15 or anything based on the buyers’ needs in the house. 

Financing Options

The last, and probably most important thing, is financing options. The reason we say financing options is because when you buy a used home, you may not be eligible for FHA, USDA, or that sort of thing. With new construction, we build to the standards of the FHA, USDA, VA, all of those, and not only that but you’re able to finance in some of the things that you don’t want to pay out of pocket for later; maybe you want the upgraded countertops, perhaps you want the upgraded appliances. You can put that in and finance it versus doing a refit or coming out of pocket. We are speaking all day long right now with the interest rates being where they are, and it’s ten thousand dollars worth of options; it’s going to cost you roughly 30 bucks versus ten thousand dollars in your pocket.

About Cannon Builders

For the past 50+ years, Cannon Builders has been a family-owned company providing new construction on residential structures. Our custom-built houses in Warren County and Lincoln County, MO prioritize quality workmanship with a wide array of home styles to fit the diverse desires of homebuyers. All our communities in Wright City and Troy qualify for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Guaranteed Rural Houses Loan Program, making homeownership attainable for many more residents. Our company is located in St. Louis, MO metropolitan area, and we are proud of our history as a dream home provider