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Why Rent When You Could Buy?

Why Rent When You Could Buy?

Good morning, I am sitting here in my display smiling from ear to ear and I’ve got to tell you why.  So last night I get a call on my personal phone, which is not uncommon after business hours. It is a girl, and she and her husband are looking to rent a home. So of course, they call. They saw the billboard on Hwy 47 and wanted to know how they could get into a rental.

So of course, I had to do my job, ask them what they were looking for in a rental. And please tell me why aren’t you owning? They say to me “Well there’s no way we’ll ever own. We don’t have have perfect credit. We don’t have a million dollars to put down, and there’s no way that we could own a house.” So of course, I keep probing, I keep asking more questions, and it turns out they called my lender overnight. did a pre-approval application online, simple. Didn’t even have to leave their home. Probably did it in the jammies.

This morning she calls me on my way to work, elated, not only do they qualify, they qualify for $175,000, 100% financing,zero money down. There are so many people that I have put into new homes that didn’t realize that they could own for less than they can rent. First and last month’s rent not even going to happen. They’re actually are moving in with $500 out of their pocket and that’s it.

If you have been on the fence thinking about renting, because you don’t think that you can own a home, well think again. There are programs out there designed for everyone. Perfect credit is a thing of the past, I hate saying that out loud, but it’s honestly true. I haven’t seen anyone with perfect credit in probably the last ten years. Great credit scores,yes. Mediocre credit, yes. But most buyers have just regular credit scores. I’ve gotten people in homes with as low as 585 credit scores. Yes, that’s possible. Yes, you do have to come up with a little bit out of pocket. But there are loan programs designed to help.

We work with fantastic lenders that are just chomping at the bit to help explain these programs. They can help you get pre-qualified and then I can help you get into a home so you’re not throwing money away on rent.

If you are thinking about renting or are currently renting, STOP. Try and see if you qualify to own a home. We here at Cannon Builders, The Dream Team is here to guide you through the process. There’s one of us available seven days a week and we would be happy to help you through the programs. So, give us a call today, I (Holli) can be reached at 636-462-4619 or Shelly at 636-462-1544.

Better yet, if you know someone that is actually looking to get into a home and you refer them to us, Cannon Builders will give you $500 when they close on their new home, just for referring them to us! Our goal is to get everyone into a new home and stop throwing their money away on rent. So if you’re renting or thinking about renting, call me today and let’s talk about it.