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Build With Cannon Builders - Open Concept Design

Whether you are building a new home or buying a new home, an open concept design is something that many people consider. Cannon Builders have been building homes for families for over 50 years. Their dynamic sales team Shelly Willis and Holli Colbert strive to provide you with a 5-STAR experience. In this blog post, you will learn how Cannon Builders incorporates an open concept design into their home displays.

Dream Team Kitchen Islands

Shelly and Holli each have kitchen islands in their display homes that can seat a minimum of 6 bar stools. Big kitchen islands are hot right now. They wanted to be sure and show this to future buyers to get some ideas.

When family and friends come over for dinner, or cocktails, or any occasion, many of them “hang” out in the kitchen and we bet you want it to look beautiful. The kitchen is the heart of the home, what better place to have this big kitchen island.

Our goal is to please you, if you fall in love with a design aspect of a plan, we will do our best to modify it to your liking.

Open Concept Design

Cannon Builders do not customize unless it’s on your own lot, but there’s a lot of stuff that we’ve either done before, we’ve thought about, and we’d like to try it out on you in one of our community’s.

Our Tuscany model, we have built many with open concept design.

The Shiraz model, we have built over 10 homes with open concept design.

Though we won’t customize your home in our community we will modify to your liking. This is another way that separates us from other builders in Troy, MO.

Shelly and Holli, with over 35 years combined real estate experience really like to sketch up new designs and play with new ideas. One of the things they’re most passionate about is modifying it to meet their customer’s needs because at the end of the day, they understand, it’s for the customer.

Our builder’s flexible in the sense that he wants you to love your home. Our best compliment from you is a referral and you’re not going to refer someone if you don’t like your design and you’re not happy.

About Cannon Builders

Cannon Builders is based in Troy, MO and serves Lincoln County and Warren County. They have 20-floor plans to choose from ranging from 1,000 to 2,277 square feet, including ranches, 1 ½-story homes, and 2-story homes. Whatever your lifestyle and your budget, Cannon Builders can accommodate you. Contact them today.