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Home Building Process with Cannon Builders

We get asked all the time for us to explain how the home building process works with the Cannon Builders Dream Team. We wanted to come to you to live today and talk about the building process. So we broke it down into the steps to hopefully make it a little bit simpler for you guys to kind of understand how the process will work when you come in our door and see us.

We understand that it’s super overwhelming. The question we get often, “How do I start, what do I expect?”  We thought it would be helpful if we just brought it to you live and told you how simple it is.

First Step Is Pre-Qualification

The first step is getting you pre-qualified. It’s important to know where you are so we can fit your needs. We have 15-floor plans that we offer. We will want to narrow it down to a couple options.  

We have some of the best lenders in the industry that is going to help you.

We’ve used them for years and the reason that we had preferred lenders … There’s nothing in it for us other than peace of mind. We are referring our buyers to somebody that we trust that will get you through the process as if you are working with us from start to finish.

It’s important that you know that when we’re putting you in front of our lenders, we’ve already been through the motions with them. They’ve helped our buyers and they don’t just tell you how much you qualify for. They tell you what your monthly investment will be. They walk you through the steps. You can be pre-qualified for $500,000, but you don’t want a comma in your payment. You have to let them know where your comfort level is.

We are great at taking that number and backing you into the home that will best suit your needs based on what your most important features are in your new home.

Which gets us to our next step, which is an information session with us. We are going to schedule a time when we have … Just sit down with you and go through our floor plans.

Second Step Is the Information Session

We will narrow the selections now. We’re going to find out your wants, your needs, your desires, the things that you really are hoping to have in your home and build a wishlist. Sometimes we have to take some of those things out, but sometimes we get to add even a little bit more of those fun upgrades in the home. We’ll be building your wishlist at the information session, finding your home site … Which is just as important as which floor plan you’re going to build.

Where are we gonna build?

Where are we gonna be?

Where are you gonna be forever?

Absolutely. What kind of view do you want out your back door? So that’s what you’re going to expect in an information session with us.

Third Step Is Colors

The next step is our favorite part: choosing colors. The color selection process can seem a little overwhelming for some people. They see this big beautiful home that we sit in our displays and they wonder, “Okay, how did you put this all together?”

The Cannon Builders Dream Team has been doing this almost 16 years each, so we’ve done it a time or two. What we like to do is start in the heart of the home and work our way out. So it’s not overwhelming.

It’s not.

It can be broken down into one day. We can have two separate meetings. Whatever you’d like to make it comfortable. But we walk you through, we lay out a color palette and we really hand hold you through this step. Some people come in knowing exactly what they want. Some people drive to the community and already have their exterior colors picked. So it’s great. Jump on Pinterest, get some ideas together and then come to us and we will put it all together on paper.

Fourth Step Is Pre-Construction

One of our favorite parts of the process is the pre-construction meeting. This meeting, you’re going to sit down with the project manager and myself. The project manager is the person in charge of building your home. We put those blueprints out on the table and we fill it in with the items that you have selected to put in your home and we select different things and it really comes to life at that point.

It’s so exciting to see you put your stamp on this home and to see it come to life. 

Fifth Step Is Back-End Work You Do Not See

The next step is in the background we’re ordering permits and plot plans. You may not see ground moves for a little bit and wonder, “Okay, I just did my pre-construction meeting. What’s going on?” There are a lot of back-end things that are happening: approvals, permits, lending, all that stuff is on our end.

Sixth Step Is the Building Process

So once that ground moves, it is great. You just sit back, you watch the building process. You get to see, from footings to roof, everything comes to life, which is really, really neat.

Our buyers love to watch it. We have a lot of out of town buyers that we send pictures and video to.

So this part is fun for most because they can see what they’ve put on paper on that blueprint, what they picked out and that color section.

If there’s a hard part of building with us, is the waiting.

The few weeks or so that you have to wait to see something gets started. That’s the toughest part. After that, it’s fun and it’s exciting. 

It’s scheduled out, the whole time.

When we get the whole home built, we’re going to have a walk through with you. We want to walk you through your home and want to make sure that everything is as you expect it to be, everything is in place, that all the items that you have selected are there, and that everything looks wonderful. 

So we kind of do checks and balances to make sure everything’s there. Then once you’re done with that walk through, guess what? You’re off to closing, which is my favorite part because we get to give you your keys.

So at closing, that’s when you sign all your paperwork. They hand you your keys that day. 

You sign your name, you get your keys.

So that’s it in a nutshell.

If you are wanting to build in Lincoln County we are here to help. Check out our website at