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Home Building during Pandemic

Today we wanted to talk to you guys about home building during pandemic, and it is something that we all are still living with: the shortages of many things. We’ve had to navigate through shortages of our supplies and try to get homeowners to be able to close and then come back in and, I guess, replace the items that we had to fix temporarily.

What we’re running into here and working and maneuvering through every day is significant. Homebuyers’ new homes look almost done, but they may not be closing on time. They’re like, “wait a minute, what’s going on? What’s happening?” There are not only material shortages but also work and worker shortages, so labor is hard to find to complete new homes.

Shortage of Used Homes in the Market

Once the products are delivered, they’ve got to get scheduled for installation because there are practically no used homes on the market now. People are coming to us for new homes, but many builders use the same suppliers. Home building during pandemic makes supply and pricing a little more complicated.

Unfortunately, some of these houses have to sit for a little longer than we’d like. Still, we’re just waiting on those materials. There are some things we can’t just substitute. Flooring is not an easy fix, for example, and you just kind of need to maneuver your way through.

We don’t know what the right solution is, and we don’t know what the wrong answer is, but what we do know is our ultimate goal is the same as yours. Let’s get you into that beautiful home. You don’t want to miss that closing date, so what we’re doing is we’re using other products to get you closed.

Time Consuming

It’s also time-consuming for us to go back and replace those things, but that’s what we’re going to do. We want to get you guys in, and we want to meet your interest rate lock. I feel like bending backward is very important to make things work.

It wasn’t always like that at first; everybody was upset with vendors, and we were concerned with some of our subs. They didn’t come in on the day they were scheduled to. There was a shortage for a while of framing crews, and you don’t just willy-nilly hire a framer because they have to be good at what they do.

After all, we have to back this with a warranty. We want to deliver a product, but we’re not going to hurry up and mess it up, so ultimately, patience is vital if you’re building with any builder right now. This is new for all of us. We’ll still feel repercussions from the pandemic for probably years to come.


Please be patient with your builder and be vocal, like explaining what you want from the get-go. If they can make it happen, they certainly will. Patience is the key to this whole situation for everybody. Ultimately, let’s all remember at the end of the day that we have the same goal and different reasons for that goal, but we have the same purpose.

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