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Do You Need a Realtor To Buy A New Construction Home?

Do you need a Realtor to buy a new construction home? New construction is plentiful in Troy MO and you may be wondering if you need a licensed realtor to help you. Holli Colbert with Cannon Builders shares the facts.

We had an ad running on Facebook talking about our new homes. A gentleman called in wondering if they needed a realtor in order to look at our new construction homes.

Do You Need A Realtor for a New Construction Home?

They were just in love with the design of our Vinho plan that we shared when we unveiled a new couple’s home. So they wanted to know how to get the process started. And like most, his first common question was, “Hey, do I need a realtor before I can come in and buy a new construction home. Everybody tells me you can’t build a new home without a real estate agent.”

That is definitely not the case. We real estate professionals work together if you were working with a real estate agent, absolutely, bring them on board. We’re all a team so we work well together. My Cannon Builders Dream Team partner Shelly and I have thanked our real estate agents community a bazillion times because we are all swamped.

So if you are already working with a realtor, absolutely, bring them in. They can accompany you, help me answer the questions that you may have on the building process and on the contract documentation and so forth. 

Searching for New Construction Home

If you are just actively searching for a home, you’re on Zillow or or any of the search engines or even just perusing our Cannon Builders website and you find a plan like Tom did today and he wanted more information on it. You can call in, schedule an information session, and Shelly and I both have an extensive real estate background.

If you visit without a real estate agent, we are able to walk you through the process step by step because we work on behalf of both the seller and the buyer at that point if you don’t come in with a real estate agent.

So it’s our job to negotiate the contract for you, put together the house on paper the way you’d like to see it be built in person, and then be the contract liaison, turn it into our main office for full execution. Then our assistants send it over to lenders and so forth.

So the answer is NO, you do not have to have a real estate agent in order to buy new construction. But again, if you have one, absolutely, great. Bring them along with you. We would be happy to work together with them. So I hope that answers your questions. Thrilled that everybody took such a great liking to our new venue. That was the first time we had built that plain craftsman style so I’m very excited about that.

So if you have any questions about our plans or how to get started in new construction with the dream team, feel free to give Shelly or myself a call. I can be reached at 636-462-4619 and Shelly at 636-462-1544. We look forward to hearing from you.

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